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Zamboanga, Philippines.
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SMMS surgical gown

Sterile surgical gowns are worn during surgery to prevent the transfer of infections from staff to the surgical wound or vice versa by direct contact. It has also been proven that the use of surgical gowns leads to a decreased number of bacteria in the operating room. SMMS surgical gowns are the standard surgical gowns available. The fabric used in the manufacturing of the surgical gown is a spunbond nonwoven composed of 100% propylene.  The SMMS (spun bond +melt blown+ melt blown+ Spun bond) material is the nonwoven fabric that has four layers, all composed of propylene but in the top and bottom layer propylene are spunbond and in the middle two layers it is melt blown. Because the fabric is spunbond, it gives it high tensile strength and stretch and after the material is melt blown it becomes an effective absorbent. Furthermore, the material of the surgical gown is biodegradable, durable, breathable, dust-free and foldable.

The SMMS surgical gowns are closely tied at the back with four ties and elastic cuffs are present on the sleeves.  These gowns are latex-free and resistant to abrasions and are can repel fluids like blood and body fluids. It provides an adequate physical barrier for the surgeon as well as the patient from different microorganisms and at the same time it also keeps the sterility of the operating room by preventing the transfer of the infections. Using the pad-dry-cure method, the fabric of the sterile gowns is given different percentages of antibacterial, antistatic and fluoro-chemicals.

Disposable surgical gowns are worn once and then they are thrown away as they are more economical. Reusable surgical gowns, are however made differently as they have been more durable. Reusable surgical gowns resist degradation even after multiple washes because they have a different chemical exterior because of which these gowns can be used as many as 75 times.

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1 pc/sterile pouch ,50pcs/ctn
2. 1 pc/gown+2 pcs/ hand towel
Port of Origin: Zamboanga, Philippines.
MOQ: 500ctns

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