Maytex Disposable Medical Isolation Gowns


  •  Elastic Cuff
  •  Blue
  • Non-woven polypropylene material coated with water repellent
  • Latex free
  • Ties at waist
  • Available with elastic or knit cuff
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Blue or white color options available





Maytex Disposable Medical Isolation Gowns


The disposable medical gowns are in sync with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) prevention guidelines during patient care practices.  It acts as a barrier for healthcare providers, patients as well as any other visitors that are present at the time from all kinds of infectious conditions. It is regarded as important medical equipment for infection control protection.

The Maytex 6000 and the Maytex 6010 disposable medical isolation gowns are deemed perfect in all health care facilities whether it be clinics, hospitals or laboratories for carrying out all routine procedures. They can also act as the disposable surgical gowns during surgical procedures.  The disposable medical gowns are not made up of latex; a non-woven material like polypropylene has been used in their manufacturing minimizing the chances of any kind of allergic reactions. For further enhancing the protection, a water-resistant agent was applied on top of the non-woven material.  The isolation gowns are full length and are resistant to many fluids including blood and body fluids. They are made in such a way that being in a hot environment will not cause excessive irritation to the person wearing the gowns; the material that has been used is breathable.  The waist ties have been designed so that they are tied in front making wearing the gowns less time consuming and easy to don over the clothes that you are wearing. Because the gowns are disposable, they should be discarded as soon as they are soiled or damaged in any other way.

With the coronavirus outbreak on the rise, the demand for disposable isolation gowns has increased as they are easy and affordable options for all health care facilities and providers. By wearing these isolation gowns, health professionals will be able to protect themselves along with their patients by breaking the transmission chain during this coronavirus pandemic.


Material: SMS non-woven
Style: coverall isolation gown,cap,Zipper,Elastic band at cuffs and waist
Color: White,green,blue,pink,yellow
Funct ion: Effective poretecton again stdust hazards,harmful particles and low-hazard I iquid sp lashing
Appl ication: Can be used in non-sterileplaces such as clinics,wards,and testrooms of medica linst itut ions
Price: $299.50/ctn
Package: 50pcs/ctn
Port of Origin: Philippines
MOQ: 100ctns

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