*FDA Approved
    *Clinical accuracy
    *High Precision
    *Auto shut-off
    *Fever Alert
    *Break resistance
    *Beeps when complete
    *Memory recall





    With the digitalization of the entire world, digital or electronic thermometers have also replaced glass thermometers. They measure body temperature by using electronic heat sensors. They give reading in centigrade or Fahrenheit. They are used to categorize temperature into low grade and high grade and differentiate normal body temperature from fever; normal body temperature is 98.6°F or 37°F.

    Body temperature is checked in many ways; by placing the thermometer under your tongue, by inserting it into the rectum, by placing it in the armpit. Thermometers should be cleaned before using and its tip should be used to measure temperature. One should not eat or drink 5 minutes before to taking the temperature. It is held at the same spot for 40 seconds and it usually makes a sound when the final reading is done. It is rinsed in cold water after using and cleaned with an alcohol swap.

    The other types of digital or electronic thermometers that are commonly used are; tympanic (ear) and temple (forehead) thermometers. Tympanic thermometers measure temperature by reading the infrared heat inside the ear. They are easier and quicker to use for older children but should be used in children below 3 months. They are also contraindicated to be used in children with ear pain or earwax.

    Forehead or temple thermometer is placed on the forehead; over the temporal artery. They measure the infrared heat coming off the forehead.

    These digital thermometers are superior to the old glass thermometers because glass thermometers contain mercury which changes temperature according to the room temperature; making them less accurate and less reliable. Compared to the mercury thermometers they are easier to read and give accurate numeric measurement and do not contain any poisonous substance like mercury in them. Moreover, unlike glass thermometers, they do not shatter. It is particularly important to keep thermometer at home to save time and hustle of going to physician every time. Especially these days when due to coronavirus outbreak hospitals are jam-packed. Besides one of the most common manifestations of coronavirus infection is fever. So while you are in quarantine at your home, keep a digital thermometer


    1. Beeper Indicator
    2. High Fever Alarm
    3. Last Readout Recall
    4. Auto Shut-off
    5. Low Voltage Indicator
    6. Celsius & Fahrenheit Switchable ( Optional )
    7. Water Resistance (IPX7 maximum)
    8. Bendable Tip
    9. Golden-plate Tip (Optional)



    Brand Name: Private Label
    Model Number: IR100
    Function: Forehead&ear&matter temperature measurement
    Battery: 2pcs*1.5V AAA Battery
    Material: ABS
    Color: Gray
    Accuracy: 0.1℃/0.1℉
    Memory: 35 sets memory
    Application: Household
    Technology: Infrared measurement
    Place of Origin: Zamboanga, Philippines

    Package Type: High Quality Export Carton for Infrared ear and forehead thermometer:
    Carton Size: 51*40*28cm
    Quantity/Carton: 100 pieces; 50 pcs/ inner carton
    Gross Weight/Net Weight: 12.5Kg/11.5Kg
    MOQ: 50ctns

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