3 Ply Earloop Face Mask


  • Air filled cushion to provide safety and comfortable use
  • Suitable for use in respiratory care of anesthesia and resuscitator
  • Body with antistatic property





Product Description

3 Ply Ear-loop Facemask

The 3 ply ear-loop facemask commonly termed as the medical mask or the surgical mask is highly praised among the customers. The advantage of this mask is that it creates a physical barrier between the nose and mouth of the person wearing the mask and the many risky contaminants in the air. This also prevents the wearer’s coughs and sneezes from reaching other people nearby. It is made of polypropylene non-woven fabric, adding the layer of comfort we all need. The adjustable nose strip thoroughly covers the nose and the round ear-loops make sure that it stays put in place and does not hang too loosely. This provides easy and abundant protection to the user whether it is from the airborne dust particles created by pollution or airborne infections.


The 3 ply ear-loop facemask has three layers; an outer hydrophobic layer whose function is to protect against fluids like water, blood and body fluids. The middle layer is known as the filter layer that protects against various bacteria and viruses. The innermost layer is the hydrophilic layer that absorbs water, sweat, and spit. These facemasks are colored on one side to make it easier for the customers to know which side should face outwards; in this case, it is the colored side, customers are advised to not touch this side. These disposable face masks should be thrown away once they are used; though a limited number of re-uses can be allowed if the masks have not been damaged.

The medical face mask is routine health care essential and is continuously used by doctors, dentists, and nurses’ day in and day out. Even in the operation theater, it is used to keep the operating room sterile. This 3 ply facemask also has many uses other than the medical field, for example, manufacturing industries, food handling places and even by the general public especially during this coronavirus pandemic, teaching us to keep our hands away from our face.


The Layer Number: Single layer, double layers, triple layers
Size: 437.5px x 237.5px
Single Layer Weight: 35g/m² fabric, 1.6g for one unit
Double Layers Weight: 20+20g/m² fabric, 1.9g for one unit
Triple Layers Weight: 20+22+20g/m² fabric, 2.5g for one unit
Material: High Quality PP non-woven fabric
Color: White, Sky Blue, Black

Packaging: 50pcs/box 40box/carton
Origin: Philippines
MOQ: 100ctns

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